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Neuromotor Exercise System



Perfect for those looking to improve cognitive performance, reaction time, balance, coordination!



Neuromotor Exercise System

A specialized training program geared toward improving cognitive domains like attention, processing speed, working memory, and executive functioning and translating these into physical abilities such as reaction time, impulse control, balance and stability, and overall body awareness and mind-body coordination.

An important bonus of this brain-powered exercise is the proven potential to stave off cognitive decline!

Online resources are constantly in production and may be updated for improvements over time. Please check back periodically; we'll be uploading new videos and programs to lay out many of our best physical and mental performance training philosophies / methodologies.

We recommend downloading the WIX "Spaces" app, creating a profile, and becoming an official member of our website; though, it's NOT required to purchase and use our programs. Minimally, try to watch and move along with these video programs from a laptop or desktop, as the courses are easier to navigate on a computer than a mobile browser. Another great option would be to cast, mirror, or transpose the videos to a TV so you have the largest picture and best view of the demonstrations as possible. Download the Spaces app here and search for Aaron Wyant MS: (Google Play) (Apple Store)

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