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Neuromotor Exercise System: Linear Footwork Series

Program Description

This program entails 10 instructional videos for mastering Linear Footwork movement patterns. The course is built for all ages and experience levels to go through and work at your own pace! Footwork, agility, and foot-to-mind training is a vital component of exercise and physical fitness development, but also has an impactful effect on our brain health. Improving our coordination with rhythmic motions, like dancing and quick feet drills, is transformational for our mind-body health and quality of life. Turn on some tunes and have fun at home or take these moves to the dance floor with you and live life to the fullest! Benefits: Brain Health: - Angiogenesis (building new blood vessel) - Neurogenesis (creating new nerves) - Synaptogenesis (bridging new nerve connections) Body Health: - Strengthens Neural, Muscular, Skeletal, Energy, and Endocrine systems - Improves speed and power, important [especially for older adults] components of preventing or reducing falls as well as the chances of sustaining injury during a fall. As a bonus, I've added a couple YouTube playlists of fully comprehensive routines - JUST PRESS PLAY AND FOLLOW ALONG! **One-time fee, LIFETIME ACCESS.

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