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Personal Coaching System: Pillar Core Strength

Program Description

Core training is the underlying foundational aspect to movement improvement and body control. As the control center for all movement, the "core" provides a pillar of strength to build all exercise from securely. This series will take you through isometric spine stabilization, strength, and coordination of the muscle groups from [primarily] sternum to mid-thigh and 360 degrees around the trunk. In total, this is a 20-minute routine in which you'll hear coaching cues, see movement corrections, get demonstrations for optimal mechanical techniques, and get helpful hints similar to a personal training session. Benefits of this Pillar Core Exercise series are limitless, but to name a few: - improved body control, coordination, strength, and stamina - reduction in joint compression, pain and discomfort - lower risk of injury, falls, or other movement-related incidences *No equipment needed! **One-time fee, LIFETIME ACCESS. ***PLEASE DO NOT SELECT "Leave the Program" BUTTON AT ANY TIME. YOUR INFORMATION WILL BE ERASED FROM THE DATABASE.

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