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Body Awareness: Posture & Positioning

Program Description

Setting the foundation for healthy movement starts with body awareness and positioning. "Optimal" posture may look slightly different for every individual, but the mindful skill of knowing your postural tendencies is invaluable for every level of mover. This 15-minute informational series is an integral portion of all other training series. It also serves as a quick sample of my coaching style and what my online programs are like. Optimal posture and body awareness can lead to: - optimal joint range of motion, - less compression through the joints, - improved muscolotendinous length and flexibility, - easier and enhanced movement capability, and - less physical strain/stress and reduced risk of discomfort or injury. *No equipment needed! ***PLEASE DO NOT SELECT "Leave the Program" BUTTON AT ANY TIME. YOUR INFORMATION WILL BE ERASED FROM THE DATABASE.

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