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Personal Coaching System: Flexibility (26-min.)

Program Description

Static flexibility and range of motion training to help improve your overall capabilities, fitness, and quality of movement and life! This is a 26-minute personalized coaching video of a total body stretching routine from the standing and seated positions. You'll hear coaching cues, see movement corrections, get demonstrations for optimal mechanical techniques, and get helpful hints similar to a personal training session. Just click play and follow along! Benefits of Flexibility Training: - Enhances body awareness and mind-body communication. - Improves joint range of motion and quality of motor mechanics. - Allows greater freedom and ease of movement. - Builds muscle strength. - Releases muscle tension and soreness. - Improves posture & musculoskeletal alignment. - Minimizes daily physical stress. - Increases physical and mental relaxation. - Reduces the risk of injury. *No equipment needed! **One-time fee, LIFETIME ACCESS. ***PLEASE DO NOT SELECT "Leave the Program" BUTTON AT ANY TIME. YOUR INFORMATION WILL BE ERASED FROM THE DATABASE.

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