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I was recently asked what I would change about my career if I could go back and do it all over again. I was like, “I’m just 12 years in.” That seemed like a question that was more appropriate for someone with a lifetime of work under their belt. But, then, I also thought, “Man! Twelve years already?” After pondering the question over the following weeks, I came to the conclusion that I probably should have studied more aspects of business management and entrepreneurship. Luckily, I’m the “always learning” type and I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge from trial by fire and getting hands-on over the years. Whether a private consultant, an independent contractor, or a self-employed personal trainer I’ve always entertained and pursued the idea of building something successful of my own one day.

In addition to managing my own small, personal training clientele base alongside my full-time jobs, I’ve taken on privately contracted roles as a strength and conditioning coach or performance specialist for local high school basketball teams, track and field coaching conferences, and Nike-sponsored football camps. In the clinical setting, I’ve been a guest speaker for bariatric, metabolic disease, and oncology departments. I’ve also been invited as an exercise specialist for clinical walking programs, and I've participated in hikes, runs, and other fundraising events with non-profit organizations. On my own ambition, I connected with the lead doctor and department head of one hospital's bariatric and metabolic disease clinic and created for them a business model that led to the development of an entire side department of exercise services to support clinical weight-loss therapies. Connecting with chiropractors and therapists, I’ve built client referral networks and have worked alongside a number of clinicians to complement chiropractic treatment and physical rehabilitation; in fact, winning a few of them over to become my clients as well.


Projecting industry trends and understanding markets has always seemed second nature and I have jumped out ahead of the pack and conceptualized innovative business models in various sectors of health and wellness. After graduate school I partnered with a Registered Dietitian in a virtual, telehealth business model to deliver nutritional and exercise programs across South Texas. Simultaneously, I helped another colleague get his CrossFit business off the ground. In another side project, a client of mine that was a retired nurse presented a unique idea of an alternative health and holistic care business centered around Exercise With Oxygen Therapy, a light aerobic training done in conjunction with breathing highly saturated oxygen. There's some evidence that the treatment can reverse illnesses and improve and encourage overall systemic health, so I helped her run with the idea and conceptualized a unique business model that we offered inside chiropractic offices in the Sacramento region. I've built one-on-one and small-group personal training and large group exercise programs in various facilities my entire career, targeting specific demographics and market trends with all the newest technologies and creative promotions and incentives. 

I’m fortunate to be able to use my continuing education as opportunities to further my knowledge base in the health and fitness industries. I get an insight into current health trends and the need for professional exercise solutions for the issues facing wellbeing of our society. Outside of viral pandemics, we have epidemics of chronic disease destroying lives and the natural resources that lead us to a healthier existence. World-round musculoskeletal pain is the number one cost on healthcare and the number one cause of physical discomfort in every-day living. What is that doing to our stress levels—and levels of chronic illness in return? We can break the cycle and use exercise solutions, both physical and psychological, to address our personal wellness and it will in turn create a more productive, resilient, stronger bond with those in our lives and our communities. I aspire to lead this movement into more proactive and preventative approaches to health and health care.

Aaron Wyant MS|Entrepreneurship|Bioenergetix
Aaron Wyant MS|Entrepreneurship|HealthBEX
Aaron Wyant MS|Entrepreneurship|HealthBEX
Aaron Wyant MS|Entrepreneurship|Ripped Theory
Aaron Wyant MS|Entrepreneurship|O2Fit
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