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Breath & Mindset: Mental Health Wellness

This course approaches mental health by empowering you to better know your inner self and what drives you as an individual. Is it fame and fortune? Wealth and health? Success or social influence? How do you prioritize where you’re spending your time and what does that say about your psychological wellness and overall health?

In order to enhance motivation and mental and cognitive performance, the objectives of this course are to develop behavioral self-awareness and self-management practices in addition to improving the physical health of your respiratory and circulatory systems. Active class lessons utilize breathing drills and psychological skills training techniques as exercise for the body and mind. You'll learn conscious breathing techniques that focus on mindfulness and meditation as well as building up repetition and practice with breath-strengthening drills. Throughout the course you'll be presented with clear pathways and practical solutions for working toward your lifestyle goals, managing stress, and achieving a healthier mood and state of mind.

Class dialogue will cover general health and wellness and includes (but is not limited to) topics such as: 

  • self-reflection, -analysis, & -awareness

  • motivation & arousal,

  • mindfulness, attention, & focus

  • Psychological Skill Training techniques

  • pre-performance routines

  • goal setting, self-dedication, and self-tracking​

  • discipline, determination, & drive

  • time and behavioral management strategies

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