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Exercise & Health Motivation Specialist

Invest in yourself! We can only offer our absolute best to those we love when we've taken care of ourselves first!

✔️ Bachelor's and Master's Degrees- Kinesiology & Exercise Science

✔️ Certified Brain Health Trainer

✔️ Certified Senior Fitness Specialist

✔️ Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist

✔️ Certified Orthopedic Exercise Specialist

✔️ Titleist Performance Institute - Level One

✔️ Certified Personal Trainer

Scientifically proven, methodologically sound human performance enhancement is my passion. Challenging and improving physical skillsets will improve your quality of life in every realm of wellness, and the lessons we learn from just one successfully completed exercise routine can be applied to achieving any other goal we may have. From crossing an item off our daily "To Do" list to the realization of a life-long pursuit, exercise teaches us to invest in ourselves, map out and track our goals, overcome barriers, celebrate accomplishments, and get more out of life!

A culmination of 15 years continued education and first-hand experience coaching exercise!

The READY Method is a foundational exercise program that can boost your performance no matter your age or fitness level. You'll get:

  • unique follow-along and informational style videos to give you motivation and structure,

  • training guidelines for building mind-body strength and health,

  • helpful tools to create your schedule-specific exercise blueprint, 

  • access to the online video library with hours of NO EQUIPMENT REQUIRED exercise instruction,

  • easy to use FOLLOW-ALONG exercise routines and other YouTube playlists, and

  • LIFETIME access to the entire training system.

The READY Method-The foundational exercise program

Anytime. Anywhere.

Every minute and dollar invested in exercise may save you from having to spend it on injury or illness. It may be the best return on investment you'll ever be guaranteed!

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Triumph means a happier, healthier body and mindset.

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