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Chair Ex. Seated Warm-up: 20-m. Stretch & Activate

Program Description

This is a quick and easy routine that will take you less than fifteen to twenty minutes once you've got it down. The seated movement routine was created for those of us who are dealing with lower body "tissue issues" and need to back off the weight-bearing exercise in the lower body for the time being. It's also beneficial for anyone who spends a lot of their time throughout the day in the seated position. Use these no-equipment-needed, basic movement exercises during your day and it will help restore important characteristics of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular health that daily life activity will often wear down, especially for those who are seated and/or work with their hands. In this chair exercise routine, we'll go through a basic set of movements to: - increase body awareness, - improve posture and movement mechanics, - improve joint range of motion and musculoskeletal balance, - increase blood flow and tissue oxygenation, - enhance muscular elasticity, strength, and stamina, - build neural coordination and brain health, - restore body tension, and - reduce pain/discomfort. *No equipment needed! ***PLEASE DO NOT SELECT "Leave the Program" BUTTON AT ANY TIME. YOUR INFORMATION WILL BE ERASED FROM THE DATABASE.

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