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Neuromotor Exercise: Hand-Eye Coordination Series

Program Description

Stay on top of the game with your game, health, and fitness by practicing this fun coordination training for your upper body. This series of Hand-Eye Coordination drills is super easy to understand and replicate at your own pace. All you need is the will to practice, a ball (tennis ball, racquetball, etc.), and the quick know-how of these foundational drills. Pair this training as part of a warm-up with your regular exercise routine or your favorite recreational hobby or just to add some challenging, healthy mind-body activity throughout your daily life. Benefits of the Hand-Eye Coordination Series: - Improved neuromotor and fine-motor command function, - Enhanced cognitive processing and decision-making, - Enhanced attention and focus, - Improved central nervous system (brain & spinal cord) health & function, - Improved neuromusculoskeletal (peripheral nervous systems) health & capabilities, - Increased lean muscle tone, especially through torso and upper body, - Increased stamina and endurance, - Increased reaction time and speed of upper body movement, and ultimately - Reduced risks of injury, pain, and discomfort. *Minimal equipment needed! **One-time fee, LIFETIME ACCESS. ***PLEASE DO NOT SELECT "Leave the Program" BUTTON AT ANY TIME. YOUR INFORMATION WILL BE ERASED FROM THE DATABASE.

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