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Personal Coaching System: Supplemental Strength

Program Description

The 14-video Supplemental Strength program takes you through a series of weight-bearing, resistance exercises that target specific muscles and movements to facilitate fitness, mobility, and health improvements. Combined with coordinated movement pattern training, like my Strength for Daily Life program, this series will improve the total functionality of every major muscle group and help round out industry standards for safe, effective strength and neuromotor training. The program features Personalized Coaching as well as Technical Description videos for each of the seven strengthening exercises. We'll cover recommendations for how much, how often, and how to continue to progress forward. As a bonus, I've added a couple YouTube playlists of fully comprehensive workouts- JUST PRESS PLAY AND FOLLOW ALONG! Aside from generally improving physicality, independence, mobility, and quality of life the most common goals for taking on a comprehensive resistance training program are: Increasing: Bone mass density, Muscle tone and lean body mass, Body coordination and movement proficiency, Higher intensity heart & lung health, and Overall strength and stamina. Reducing: Unhealthy body fat mass, Impact and compression through joints, Chronic musculoskeletal and joint pain, Risk of acute musculoskeletal injury, Risk of illness. EQUIPMENT IS NECESSARY!! You'll need a door anchor and set of resistance bands to complete the exercises as demonstrated. **One-time fee, LIFETIME ACCESS.

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