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Neuromotor Exercise System: Advanced Balance

Program Description

This advanced neuromotor training series consists of SIX exercise routines that will push your performance and fitness to the next level. Each routine can be done in just a few minutes; they're perfect for a "brain to body" warm-up prior to a strength training workout or sport and recreational activity, or as a physical and cognitive health boost to break up your workday. It may take years to master these movement drills, but doing so will serve as baseline measures for your overall risk of risk of musculoskeletal injury as well as your physicality, health, and well-being. Get ready to feel a burn in those muscles! The goals of this training series are: - to continue your progress in fine motor control and dexterity of the mind to muscle connection in the lower body and core; - to increase reaction time, strength, and stability; - to enhance overall range of motion, flexibility, and elasticity; - to help minimize joint stress and risk of injury via proper preparation; and - to optimize quality of movement and daily life activity. *No equipment needed! **One-time fee, LIFETIME ACCESS.

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