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Personal Training

Every minute and dollar invested in exercise may save you from having to spend it on injury or illness. It may be the best return on investment you'll ever be guaranteed!

Comprehensive Health, Fitness, & Wellness Screenings

Gather the data and make a plan!


Maintain high standards, accountability, and motivation by tracking your health and fitness markers! Set short-term and long-term goals and create a precise blueprint with action-based objectives. Options for tracking include assessing the health and function of the following: cardiovascular and respiratory systems, neuromuscular balance, flexibility and joint range of motion, fine and gross motor skills, muscular strength and endurance, neuromotor and cognitive function, fall risk, body composition, and lifestyle goals.

Small Group Training

Need that individualized attention to detail?

This semi-private, small group personal training program combines the best aspects of the fun group environment and accountability with the customizable exercise guidance, supervision, and recommendations of individual fitness coaching. Become part of something you won't compromise!

Small Online Group Training

Large Group Training

Because sometimes it takes a village...

I've included my best strategies into this comprehensive exercise program to ensure that in just two sessions per week we'll be covering all the bases for cardiorespiratory health, musculoskeletal strength and endurance, flexibility, and neuromotor performance. Find your tribe!

Since 2008 I've been refining my skills as a personal trainer, exercise instructor, performance coach, and behavior health specialist. My strategy has been to challenge myself professionally and pursue a diverse experiential base in the clinical health, general fitness, and athletic performance branches of the exercise industry— I've acquired and maintained the highest levels of formal education and certifications in all of these.


The skillsets that set me apart from others in the field are:

  • patience and empathy to move at effective but tolerable, safe paces,

  • mastery of human movement (kinesiology) and exercise science,

  • credentials, experience, and qualifications to work together with your medical professional team post illness or injury,

  • a deep understanding of cardio-circulatory and -respiratory, musculoskeletal, endocrine, and bioenergetic health & fitness,

  • a firm grasp of neuromotor development, mind-body coordination, and skill acquisition (motor learning),

  • a keen eye for the geometrics and physics of human movement (biomechanics),

  • proficiency in the evaluation and analysis of individual exercise testing and prescription,

  • an intuition for motivating people, setting a positive environment, and building community support system,


  • considerations of exercise for lifestyle goals and the state of mind needed to pursue and enjoy life relentlessly!

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