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Balance & Coordination training program with 10 educational and progressive exercise routines to follow along with. The course also includes informational videos on body awareness, posture, positioning, and getting down to and up from the ground safely. Challenge your brain and body and achieve movement independence. STRONG, SAFE, and SMART training!

Exercise Video Libraries

Move Well ™

This video library addresses body positional awareness and drills for improve your proficiency through daily life activities. Videos include cues for proper postural alignment, active and reactive positions, as well as helpful hints for getting down and up off the ground.

Functional Strengthening & Lengthening

General Motor Pattern fitness training for enhanced body awareness, coordination, musculoskeletal health, joint range of motion, overall mobility and movement independence. Reduce risk of injury and increasing bone mass density, muscle mass, neuromuscular coordination, strength, and stamina.  

Body Weight Exercise Descriptions 

No equipment needed, in-home exercise library consisting of 52 videos that break down safe, proper technique for various upper, lower, and core training exercises. Mindful, body weight exercise that is great for injury recovery and prevention.

Footwork and Stutter Steps

These basic movement patterns will help train your brain and develop quicker feet. Not only is this great exercise for the mind and body, but it will directly translate to your ability to keep your feet underneath you and avoid a fall.

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