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The READY Method



Neuromotor Exercise System & Personal Coaching System



PickleballREADY|Pickleball Exercise Program

The READY Method

Get exclusive access to:

  • ALL 10 video series with over 80 lessons and drills to empower you with the knowledge, structure, and motivation to take your fitness into your own hands, 

  • READY Method Individulized Programming Tips & Materials, and

  • YouTube playlists with easily modifiable, fully comprehensive, follow-along exercise routines to guide your journey!

Online resources are constantly in production and may be updated for improvements over time. Please check back periodically; we'll be uploading new videos and programs to lay out many of our best physical and mental performance training philosophies / methodologies.

We recommend downloading the WIX "Spaces" app, creating a profile, and becoming an official member of our website; though, it's NOT required to purchase and use our programs. Minimally, try to watch and move along with these video programs from a laptop or desktop, as the courses are easier to navigate on a computer than a mobile browser. Another great option would be to cast, mirror, or transpose the videos to a TV so you have the largest picture and best view of the demonstrations as possible. Download the Spaces app here and search for Aaron Wyant MS: (Google Play) (Apple Store)

The READY Method includes detailed mapping for how to customize your action plan with suggestions for how to prioritize and modify the training programs to fit your needs.

Use both systems together to improve:

  • general strength and stamina,

  • joint stability, flexibility, and mobility,

  • muscle and bone mass density,

  • muscular, cardiocirculatory, and pulmonary power output,

  • hormonal balance and endocrine function,

  • energy production and metabolism,

  • movement coordination and confidence,

  • self-efficacy, mood, and even emotional health.

Meet the Coach

Thanks for your interest in and our physical and mental performance training programs! You can learn a lot more about my background here at if you like, but here is what makes me a unique Pickleball coach...

I'm not a pickleball coach. I don't coach the game of pickleball. I play the game of pickleball. I coach movement, exercise, athleticism, and performance mindset.

For the last 15 years I've worked with all age demographics as a personal trainer, athletic strength and conditioning coach, cancer exercise and orthopedic exercise specialist, and have held various roles in service and leadership. My personal background is full of competitive sports (mainly basketball and football) and sports medicine as was much of the beginning of my career. I'm all too familiar with overuse injuries, chronic pains, falls, and other risks stemming specifically from pickleball, and more generally from a personal lifelong pursuit of athletics and recreational activities. Sure, sure- I may be young, but I've always chosen the "extreme, hard lessons" route. From a broken and reconstructed ankle on one side and the other sprained so badly I was told I should have broken it, to a chronic low back issues from poor exercise mechanics as a teenager, to chronic pain and dysfunction in the neck due to a herniated cervical disc, to both wrists having been broken and rehabbed... and on and on with musculoskeletal injuries and issues from athletic, recreational, and daily life activities. I know there's no greater educator or motivator than pain or dysfunction!

Fortunate to be part of some incredible internships exposing me to elite, athletic performance and sports medicine programs, I've worked with Olympic and professional athletes in both the fitness and rehabilitation realms. My professional experience coaching racquet sports began in 2012 as an NCAA Division 1 Graduate Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach when I was in charge of the weight training and sports performance programs for men's and women's tennis, golf, and cross country / track and field distance running teams. I worked closely alongside team head coaches and the athletic training staff to develop some of the most comprehensive training programs you'll find in any Division 1 university or professional prospect academy. Still ahead of its time, we included mental performance techniques and psychological skills training methods into our weight room and on-court physical training programs. [I probably don't have to tell you that, like tennis, pickleball is an extremely mental game.] Aside from developing and coaching weight room, speed & agility, aerobic/anaerobic conditioning, flexibility / pliability, and overall athletic performance training programs for rotationally dominant racket sports like tennis, golf, and baseball I also have personal experience playing recreational racquetball and pickleball.

More recently, I'm working as the Program Director and an Instructor for Triumph Cancer Foundation​, a Sacramento-based non-profit organization that specializes in exercise recovery programs offered to local adult cancer survivors at no cost to them. A unique opportunity to serve a much-needed cause and inspirational demographic, I'm blessed to have found a calling with such a deep, meaningful mission. I've been given the chance to coordinate with physicians and health care team members in rehabilitation and recovery situations stemming from the brutal effects cancer and cancer treatments can have on the mind and body. It's an amazing organization and has helped shape my exercise philosophy as well as my personal philosophies on health, wellness, happiness, and what it means to lead a high-quality lifestyle. 

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